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  • As an independent escort service expert in Chandigarh, it is pertinent to know what constitute and make a good image such that it will be a magic spark that will bring impact, seduce everyone and leaves them to crave for more. An image should have the ability to make a client have the urge to pick up a smart phone and call you so as to arrange for a meeting point. Your posture should be on different types so as to lure everyone who have different unique taste and beauty as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. In the escorts in Chandigarh image of any photography, there should be some element that should be included such as the beauty background, warm lighting and a romantic and sexy postures that will create an urge and sexual drive on the populace. There is no doubt that with the right setting combination and your erotic pose, you will capture their minds and lives the imaginations to linger for a long time. It is a great opportunity for an escort in her photographs to create sexual urge, drive and tension and this will in turn lead to an invitation for your companionship so as to meet you physically on one on one basis. Kindly note that a powerful and sexy image is one which the escort is partially dressed, thereby inviting viewers to further get access to the pleasures that lies underneath. As a private escort, always ensurethat you evoke emotions by capturing all the special moment where possible through your photography. Your image should define you, bring out your beauty and the most alluring features of your body.

    A client can contact or bypass you depending on the role your photograph has played towards advertising you. The importance of a good quality image cannot be overemphasizedas it can draw escort profile traffic especially when you newly post image. Here are some of the magic element that should be in an escort photography: Firstly, any escort photography should have beautiful lighting that sets the mood and capture the best of you.Secondly, a sensual background that is critically set to the direction of the images and this will create clients imagination to have an intimate setting with you especially when it comes to bedroom photography. Thirdly, you should put on a sexy lingerie or elegant dress. This is very important as what you wear will expose your best features. Note, you don’t need to be nude in your photographs but creating an erotic mood, seduction and sensuality is allowed. Chandigarh Escort Service Lastly, having a relaxed and sensual pose is necessary as it will bring your sexy feeling and it is an important part your photography. Your sexy feelings should reflect in your pose as it will be conveyed to your client too.In case you are looking for a good photographer, there are different ways to get a suitable one for yourself. One of the ways is to explore the internet in a bid to get one from your location. Looking for the one in your location that has enough experience of bedroom sensual photography that will showcase the style you need.

Preparing to be booked/Companion Experience - Chandigarh call girls

It is advisable to lay your hands on pamphlet on “How to be a great escort”. This will greatly help you with the “do’s” and don’t”, “your expectation, “your offer” and “payment”. Here are a couple of steps you can take if you want to really prepare for your first escort booking. You can play your best fun music while bathing, make sure you smoothly shave your stubbly bits, apply your makeup after you have blow dry your hair, go through your lingerie stack and opt for one. You can decide to take 1 or 2 sets along with you, staying fresh and sexy in your beautiful matching sets should be your hobby. Don’t forget to brush your teeth, pack your bag, take along the toys you enjoy using, take your essentials, credit card slips, condom, lube, makeup pack and toiletries. You can take some red bulls or energy bars in case you couldn’t find food later. With all these, you are set for a driver to pick you. Make sure you always keep a smiling face especially with your booking clients.

Here is an experience of a client who booked Puru Gupta Chandigarh call girls: It was a stormy and dark eveningwhen I took a decision to call Puru Gupta escort. My better half has been dead over a decade now and most a times, I get so sick and tired of being bored and passing through the stress of being alone. I called Puru Gupta, she picked and I explain my ordeal to her including my need of her being my companion for the night. She immediately chatted with me for a while to make me feel better. I concluded by telling her that 54 and my kids are no longer with me. As a result, I am always alone and sometimes, I feel bored. I was so happy when she promised to come before hanging up. By this time, I was set and waiting for her arrival. At this point, I was filled with a lot of thought and feelings, imagining how pressures the night will be with a lady that has all the features which drives all men crazy. As I continued in deep and continuous thought, I had a knock on the door. Lo and behold the most beautiful escort in Chandigarh. She was compassionate and empathetic in nature. I thought initially that she was on beautiful in terms of her physique but by the time I finished with her, I saw and enjoyed her inner beauty and my experience that night cannot be overemphasized and I don’t think the memories will live me.What a beautiful night companion with Puru Gupta

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